Trouble Shooting

 Hello just wanting to add this if you are having any problems with the website or downloads. 

1. please keep your emails as it will be easier to grab your downloads  if you misplace it in your computer. 

2. when downloading from the website.. you will usually find the downloaded file in the downloaded section of your computer. 

3. if you are having problems downloading from the site and an error message is coming up . please clear your data browsing in your computer, clear your cookies and try again. sometimes it is caused by too much information stored in your computer and the downloads become sensitive to that. 

4. if you are getting a firewall notice on your computer and having a hard time getting on the website. you might need to change your settings to allow the website to load on your computer. usually it is just that simple . 

5. any other questions please contact me either by email or on my facebook message page. i will try my best to help you in any way. 

thank you